Here at Family Care SF, Inc. we care about our staff just as much as we care about our clients. We recognize that without our caregivers and our stuff, Family Care SF would exist, thus we value each and all of our members.
Being a caregiver is a hard work and not all of the people appreciate the full scope of the duties and emotional involvement it requires. Some caregivers have told us that they were underpaid or were not paid at all and are still waiting for their compensation. Working for our agency, a caregiver does not need to worry about getting paid on time or the full amount. We guarantee a full payment on the 7th or 22th of every month regardless of clients delinquency or dispute.
  Working for Family Care SF, Inc takes away an expensive burden of buying an In-Home Support Bond. The Bond is an insurance policy, which most of the clients want to see in case of privately hiring a caregiver. Our insurance agency provides a blanket insurance policy for all of our caregivers, thus a caregiver does not need to have a bond and they are protected by our insurance policy.
Our office is dedicated to helping the disabled and aging population of San Francisco, Bay Area. We take great pride and put a lot of attention to our work and we would love to have like-minded people to be helping our clients. If you are a caregiver at heart and would like to contribute to our community please apply with us.