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Family Care SF, Inc. is a family owned home care agency located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have an individual approach to every client and offer a wide range of services specially tailored to each person's needs.
Over the years Family Care SF, Inc. agency has been working with
  a staff of loyal and trustworthy caregivers, whose hard work gave us a great reputation. We know their strengths, thus matching the right caregiver with the right person. Our caregivers are available for live-in cases and on hourly bases.
To help San Francisco and Bay Area families with finding the right care plan and accommodating caregiver that can assist them or their loved ones with daily activities.
Family Care SF, Inc.'s focus is narrow and their clients are very diverse. Family Care SF, Inc. is a placement agency that matches clients in need of care or companionship with an experienced and supportive caregiver.
  We provide one day or less turn around on new client's orders and offer temporary to fulltime, 24 hour a day, 365 day-a-year care plans.
Family Care SF, Inc. agency's case managers are here to assist you any time of a day or night. We are on-call at all times and ready to help you find a right caregiver or to make any changes to your current care plan.
TRUST - The Social Workers must trust Family Care SF, Inc. and their caregivers. The agency must trust their caregivers. The patients must trust all three parties, but especially the caregiver, since they are given access to someone in a vulnerable state.   SINCERITY - Is the concern given: genuine, from the heart, and a real reflection of the firm and the caregivers- intentions.